The time of traditional business cards is finally over. No more lost contacts, inefficiencies and wasted paper. With Promeetix your smartphone will be your business card.

A perfect tool for your activities

Share your profile and collect the contact information of the person working with you or simply those of your friends damping inconvenient, costly and inefficient paper business cards.


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Easy to use

Dowload the app, create your own profile and you'll be able to immediately share and collect the contact informations of the people around you. Few clicks and the contact details of the people just met will be saved in your Promeetix agenda and synchronized with that of your smartphone.

  • One click to save your contacts
  • One click to synchronize your agenda

Designed for you

Promeetix allows you an easy and immediate search based upon name, family name, corporate, or any other field used to save the contact. With just an easy click, you will be able to call or send an email.

  • One click to call
  • One click to send an email

Efficient, flexible, always with you, with an ecological focus

Billions of paper business cards are manufactured every years, just USA manufactures about 10 billions of paper business card every year. The inefficiencies due to lost contacts or caused by wasted time dedicated to collection and classification of traditional business cards are still part of our daily life. With Promeetix all this will be over, you'll never lose any contacts contributing, additionally, to save our planet from millions tons of CO2 released in our atmosphere and generated by the production of paper business cards.

  • Few steps to create your own profile
  • Share it and collect the one of your contacts with just few clicks
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